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Transition Discovery Games

Serious Games serve to establish connections, and involvement, engaging awareness and creating emotion.They increase participants’ long-term motivation and render complex concepts accessible.

What does the Great Transition mean?

To reach the safe space where we live within the ecological ceiling and social boundaries of our planet requires a great transition.  For Western countries, this means rising to the challenge of maintaining high standards of living, while drastically cutting carbon emissions.   Such a challenge requires cultivating an inner transition space where we seek to create and purchase life-affirming products, answering deep ethical questions such as, does the design intended contribute to a just, fair, inclusive system? Is it ecologically wise? Is it socially thriving? Is it resilient and diverse?

Transition Discovery Games seek to bring awareness to the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century through collective intelligence.  Their objective is to empower people to create and apply their own solutions toward mindful production and consumption of every day objects such as connected objects and clothes.


Working with Université Grenoble Alpes, I’ve been able to develop two serious games: My IoT and My Garment.

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