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About me

I am an independent researcher, consultant and facilitator who enjoys creating tangible business and design solutions for positive social and environmental outcomes. 

  • Grenoble Alpes Université, 2019, Ph.D.

  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business, 2012, MBA

  • Whitman College, 2000, BA.

  • Circular and regenerative economy

  • Open Source Hardware Business Models

  • Sustainable Business Models

  • Impact Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable Fashion

  • Serious Games

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I create pedagogical tools and workshops to help companies and start-ups in future-proofing their companies, engaging their employees, and stimulating collective intelligence and trailblazing sustainable innovations.



I help organizations design their strategies around open and circular business models.  Circular design is a methodology that enables to reach a true efficiency of products, services and their models. Throughout the journey towards the final objective, we adopt this systemic mindset in our KPI’s and design process.  Not only does it help to improve the viability of the model, but also the user experience, and facilitate the circularity of resources.



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Games are the best tool to build connection, involve, raise awareness, and create emotion. They increase learners’ motivation over the long term and make complex concepts easier to understand. 


Product Launching

I support impact entrepreneurs be the change they want to see and make sustainable supply chains a reality


“I sincerely found the seminar "My IoT: a discovery game" very interesting.  I also found you to be most efficient in your role: attentive to participants and very pertinent in our exchanges.  In brief, the day was satisfying with certain subjects important for me.  I am not accustomed to praising speakers, in fact this is the first time.”                               

Kevin Sialino, Grenoble

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